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I paint for those that are going through or have experienced difficult times.

Paint the world with love. By that I mean just coat everything you do with your best. It all started in my hospital room with pictures of superheroes my uncle painted. Now I paint pictures Of inspiring characters and scenes so that people will begin to imagine life as a good dream instead of a bad one. I call this paintedforward. As you find this happiness that my paintings bring I would hope you would want to share that feeling. I am working on trying to get a pedigree chart you can change by yourself. Ideally, if we could have 5 people under you that would be ideal. You have to tell them about painted forward and ask them if they will participate. Now the 5 prints I send are free to you please give them away. If you want prints to keep, you can order them on Type in the promo code 1432 to get half off. It is code for I love you too. I will invest everything I have into this and if you want to donate a dollar or two that would help so much.


Donations collected from the painedforward project will go toward making prints so you can help Glen paint the world with love.

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Painted Love Logo

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